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Contractor Liability for Injuries to Employee

Contractors are liable for injuries to employees and from delays from such injuries and other unforeseen circumstances, and as such, they a required to maintain adequate liability insurance. The amount of liability protection a contractor needs to obtain depends on the size and types of projects that a contractor is engaging in. Moreover, certain projects will require a minimum amount of liability protection. 

 Maintaining liability insurance, however, is not sufficient to protect against contractor liability and potential harm to employees and delay to projects. Precautions can be taken to reduce or minimize the liability of contractor by:

• Emphasizing safety and communicating the importance of safety to employees;

• Providing proper equipment, safety devices and protective clothing;

• Training employees/workmen in safe procedures and in how to deal with emergencies;

• Promoting employee health by offering wellness and fitness programs;

• Conducting regular inspections of the facility to identify and correct hazards;

• Developing an effective system of accountability to ensure remedies to hazards;

• Keeping detailed records of all accidents; and

• Keeping detailed safety records.

States also require most employers of a certain size to maintain workers compensation insurance to pay for medical costs related to employee injuries on the job.

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